4 Side Hustles I Have Actually Done

When trying to reach financial independence, there are two ways you can accelerate your goal. You can either save more money or you can make more money. Side hustles are a way to do the latter. A side hustle is simply a job or activity you can do to make a little extra money on […]

10 Ways I Save Money Every Month

A big part of becoming financially independent is keeping your expenditures as low as practical. The lower your monthly burn rate the smaller the nest egg you have to accumulate to reach FI. Below are just ten of the ways I save money every month. Enjoy! Cut Cable / Satellite This year I finally did […]

The Importance of an Emergency Fund

An emergency fund is the most important financial investment you can have. Think of it as insurance policy for all the things that can go wrong. An emergency fund is make or break. If you have one it can make you whole when the unexpected comes up or it can financially break you if you […]

Welcome To Catching FIRE Now! My Story

Hello everyone and welcome to Catching FIRE. FIRE stands for Financial Independence, Retire Early. The FIRE concept has really caught on with the Millennial Generation. Being a Gen Xer myself, I believe it is never too late to start your path to financial independence. At age 41, I have just been focused on my journey […]